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Valleywag wonders of Yahoo! Mash:

How could a site with so many rich social properties like Flickr, Upcoming, Yahoo Games, and Yahoo Groups decide that social networking should look like Yahoo 360 or center around “my celebrity look-alikes”?)

Hm …

  • Flickr – acquired

  • Upcoming – acquired

  • Yahoo Games – acquired

  • Yahoo Groups – acquired

and not on the list Valleywag ticked off, but still:

  • – acquired

Yahoo seems to be good at spotting promising stuff other people do, but produces original things like it’s disco night at the old folks home.

Getting to the meat of Mash’s unpleasant characteristics:

Mash’s failures are many. The site allows people to edit each other’s profiles, but also allows people to close off their own profiles — which means everyone who knows how to do so, will, while the technically inept will become frustrated at their loss of control. The page itself turns me off: the “This is fugly” link, the empty fields that depress me without enticing me to fill them, and the “Mash Pet” that the New York Times calls “a little hand drawn figure that is modeled after a Tamagotchi or a Neopet.” Tamagotchi! How’s that for up-to-date cultural relevance!

The proliferation of social networking sites makes me feel like I’m living in a neighborhood where nobody does anything but take turns holding Tupperware parties.


  1. pk says:

    September 19th, 2007 at 9:34 am (#)

    Compulsory Tupperware parties.

    I had no experience with any of this until the band started putting itself out there, and it quickly became apparent that MySpace was where all the interaction happened–song posting, song listening, e-mail, general networking and gig-getting.

    I’m comfortable with this, because it’s a step back from “personal,” and it’s a mostly efficient multi-media bulletin board. (I wish it wasn’t happening on Murdoch’s MySpace, though.)

    It confounds me why anybody would want to conduct their social lives that way, though. I think the trend is on the way out.

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