Realism Isn’t for Primaries (a Machine-Derived Observation)

August 6th, 2007  |  Published in etc

Regarding this fragment from my last post:

“Anyhow, if we weed out Kucinich and Gravel on the basis that I probably won’t get a chance to vote for them in the general election …”

This year, fwiw, I’m not voting “realistically” in the primaries. Seeing the candidates all lined up like that reminded me of last time and some idiocy I had in my head about getting behind someone “electable” and sparing him a damaging primary. We ended up with a crummy product produced by a tin-eared machine. I regret voting for “electability.”

There’s something to say for damaging primaries. At least they get the muck out in the open and defuse the surprise element before it can be more damaging. And this year, none of the “realistic” picks deserve my unqualified support. They should be tested harshly, and on more than just the war. If I’m going to think like a moonbat, wingnut, or whatever you call people to the left of the DLC, then damnit I’m gonna vote like one.

Meanwhile, I’m going to go look at Gravel’s site and see what, if any, beefs I might have with him, because he’s neck-and-neck with Kucinich.

Just after posting: What commenter Oakleaf said.

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