More Yahoo Legal Theory: Some Countries’ Laws Are Optional

August 28th, 2007  |  Published in etc

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From Wired’s Threat Level, which also noted Yahoo!’s curious invocation of the First Amendment:

Yet two years ago, while citing the First Amendment, Yahoo went to the U.S. courts in a bid to prevent it from having to pay millions in fines levied by a French court for allowing French citizens to barter Nazi paraphernalia on its auction site – a practice against French law.

“This is extremely ironic. They’re saying free speech protections apply to Yahoo, but they don’t apply to the Yahoo users of the Internet,” said Morton Sklar, a lawyer for the World Organization for Human Rights USA who is one of the dissidents’ attorneys.

A Yahoo spokeswoman said the company was not immediately prepared to comment.

I’ll bet not. I’d be too embarrassed to comment, too.

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