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Just a “people in my social Web have a connection” entry:

» gl. has been thinking about where her food comes from (and reminding us of how a 100-mile diet wouldn’t even net us much of what Oregon has to offer)

» Cindy Kitchel blogs about food a lot, some of that bloggage devoted to buying from local farmers.

» Snappy, um, “addresses” who I’ve come to think of as The Food People sometimes, too.

Michael, Sue and Al, April 2001

I made an omelette this morning, so there’s some food blogging from me. And we ate at a pretty good taqueria with Kathleen and Amy last night, so there’s some more.

We’re moving into Amy’s house at the end of the month, so we were up there to get the rundown on it from her before she heads back to Bloomington. Dinner was a good opportunity to take a walk through our new neighborhood, and we got pretty excited about it. We made our first scouting visit to Portland in April of 2001. We stayed with Sue, who was living with Gwen in the NE at the time, so Alberta/Killingsworth in the 30s has been stuck in my head as the “real” Portland for a while now.

More on food, now that I think of it:

I don’t think about food as much as I should, and lately my diet’s been all over the place. I’m taking a medication that’s had a profound impact on my appetite, so most days it’s normal for me to sit down and eat little more than two eggs and some cheese between waking and picking Ben up in the afternoon. I make it a point to get some whey protein a few times during the day to make sure my blood sugar stays steady, and I have a pretty normal dinner. I’d be worried just because my pattern has changed a lot and that always bears examination; but I’ve added a lot of exercise to my routine in the past few months, and I feel pretty good overall. Lately I’ve had a real aversion to carbs, too. I still have a dessert now and then, but I feel a lot less interested in big desserts. The doc’s big concern is what the meds will do to my blood pressure, but the exercise is helping that. So, you know … change, but not bad. Don’t really want to get into the meds or what they are all over this page … mentioning them because they’re part of what’s going on with me, but they’re not for anything anyone should be alarmed about.

Related: We moved out here in July of 2001, so July 6 of this year was our 6th Portlaversary.


  1. gl. says:

    July 16th, 2007 at 12:13 pm (#)

    happy portlandiversary! i love to read about the context of arrival. i understand how exciting it must be to move back to the area where you first bonded w/ portland; i’d probably feel similarly if i moved back to NW or King’s Hill.

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