Inspector Clouseau Had Cato, I’ve Got Nothin’

July 11th, 2007  |  Published in etc

While looking around for some info on “Getting Things Done” so I could share a summary, I came across:

“Allen says his martial arts background helped him appreciate the value of eliminating distractions.

“‘If four people jump out at you in a dark alley, you don’t want to be thinking about two e-mails you haven’t answered,’ he said.

#Fending Off Four People

@street, by alley

o run down street flapping arms and yelling for help (?) (save breath by not yelling?)

o run into nearby store? (make “nearby store” context?)

o make Bruce Lee noises to see if that works then run? (split into two actions? or is that too much?)

o prioritize possible ambush choices … by absolute order or relative priority? (make note: plan this ahead of time for future — #someday)

o make folder and list for “@street” context … hasn’t come up before

o muggers in @mugger agenda list or defer due to one-time nature of encounter?

o followup — could I have run faster or yelled louder?

o for @shopping: pepper spray

o for #someday: brazilian jiu jitsu training

o @web: efficacy of running vs. shouting, surrender, fight

o @shopping: new Space Pen … globbing interfered when assessing priority of responding to a mugging

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