I’m Going to Use It Again and Again

July 15th, 2007  |  Published in etc

You know those ellipses-heavy review excerpts you see on posters for really crappy movies? The ones that say things like “This movie … is … a revelation!” but you just know the source review probably read “This movie, one of the worst of the summer, is a revelation, because I personally had no idea the director could get any worse than his last outing?”

Or maybe they say “Standout performance from Bibi Besch” but the rest of the review reads “Despite a standout performance from Bibi Besch, there was no salvaging this exercise in awfulness … and really, she wasn’t that great either, just less putrid than her ‘co-stars,’ who gave me cramps.”

Ed has discovered free software is not immune to the temptations of the decontextualized endorsement.

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