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June 3rd, 2007  |  Published in etc

So earlier today I was thinking about exploring the possibilities Luther Rd. and the Springwater would provide for getting from home to Cherie’s and back. Since our plans changed this afternoon I ended up taking Ben back to Fred Meyer for some new sandals and that gave me a chance to try it out.

We were pretty leisurely about the whole thing. We took the Duke/92nd/Springwater route for the ride out. Nothing drastically different this ride except that the traffic seemed lighter and there were less people on the corridor. On the way back we went back out to 92nd and picked up the Springwater then doubled back to see how the Luther Rd. thing would work out.

I added the results to my published map as a green path that shows the route from Cherie’s (which I didn’t do this time, but have ridden in the past) up the Springwater to Luther, then up 72nd to Duke and then home.

72nd is marked by the Portland bike map as a busy street. It’s pretty wide, though, with very little on-street parking, so that concern is pretty much taken care of. I’ll recon tomorrow, I guess, going out to get Ben, and see what it’s like on a weekday. Duke was Duke: a wide street with a bike lane.

All in all, it looks like a safe, easy route. We do go about a mile east along Johnson Creek to pick it up before heading back west, but we had a similar issue with the original route down 52nd to Harney and then to Cherie’s, only a half-mile west out of our way. It’s worth it to miss the hills, and it’s very worth it to miss the snarl that is the Johnson Creek bend, which has a lot of impatient people in unfathomably large pickup trucks jabbering into their cellphones and failing to signal because, you know, cell phone clinched in their signaling hand.

It seems like a lot of crazy contortions to miss hills, but a. I hate hills and b. it’s a more pleasurable ride this way.

I also used ByCycle to scout what things will be like when we move up to the NE in August. Ben’s new preschool will be about half a mile closer to home, and the route there skirts right along the top of a pretty big elevation drop, so that route will be pretty easy from the looks of it. Not a fan of having to cross Fremont, but I’m guessing it won’t be terrible. And there’s a park just a few blocks off the route, which Ben will dig.

Just to get back to today, though, briefly: I’m really happy I found a route that will work for the next few weeks. I’ve been wanting to bike more, and it just got easier.

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