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June 20th, 2007  |  Published in pictures and photography

I’ve been only haphazardly collecting the GPS data for any rides I take, which is sort of how I do when confronted with a task that has lots of little pieces. It takes me a while to integrate all the bits into something like a whole. This morning, though, I started a new morning ride-or-run routine; and that helped me put a bunch of things together.

Since I don’t have a ton of time if I get up at 6:15, it’s less an intensive fitness thing than just a “get started right” thing. I’ll be taking my camera along, too.

So, some tech details:

I use Garmin Training Center to get the data down off the GPS, then import it into TrailRunner, which exports Garmin’s files to Google Earth. From there it’s a simple matter to annotate the route, add any photo waypoints I care to, and upload the whole thing to the maps directory on the server.

I’d mind all those steps, I guess, but there’s some benefit to each piece of software. TrailRunner, for instance, does a great job with route planning, and Garmin’s software is good for simple historical stuff. I like having routes in Google Earth because tilting the view and turning up the elevation relief gives me a much better sense of the actual elevation changes involved than squinting at a scanned topo map.

All that comes together in a kml file, Routes and Runs, I can share via Google Maps. Today’s entry has my morning route and a snapshot of the McLoughlin Bridge on the Springwater. The little camera icon links to the picture stuff.

Today’s ride was less than six miles round trip. Saturday was a big bike day, though … two round trips down to Clackamas of 11 miles each, one mid-morning and one in the afternoon. The first ride was solo, the second I was towing Ben. That little trailer and little kid make a pretty big difference.

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