June 5th, 2007  |  Published in etc

Hey … awesome! Aqua requires Mac OS X 10.4

Oh … the requirement isn’t awesome … that part is indifferent. The awesome part is the “Aqua” part.

NeoOffice: Cool, thanks guys. Full port using Aqua: Cooler still.

Still alpha, available only via torrent, but I can’t resist a good gawk.

Jeepers … a new Camino release as well. (Up to v1.5)

And Aquamacs goes 1.0 in concert with the release of Emacs 22.1.

Where was I the last time there was an Emacs release? Hm … I was at LinuxPlanet and that was almost seven years ago. Jeepers to that, too. And since I’m memory-laning things in this entry, my first review of StarOffice is over seven years old.

OpenOffice is by far the most welcome news for me. Office apps in OS X-land are sort of dismal if you want a real suite. There’s MS Office, yes … and we’ll see about that when 2007 comes out. There’s iWork … but it has no spreadsheet. There are lots of spreadsheets, but they don’t necessarily talk to anything else.

If OpenOffice for Aqua pans out, I’ll be very happy.

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