Tuesday Noontime Blips (April 17 Edition, v 1.1)

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» via pk: Making Carefully Nuanced Distinctions Regarding the Totally Unacceptable

I know people who have the sense to offer no defense of Imus but who feel the need to complain about his firing. I’ve heard some strange things said, and some even stranger things hollared, towards that end this past. I suspect that it mostly boils down to a reluctance to embrace some of Imus’s attackers, and the feeling that all that hot air could have been put to better use. One friend of mine actually yelled something about how we shouldn’t be wasting our time with this nonsense when there are children dying, but I remain unconvinced that any of the people who spent the week denouncing Imus would have spent the time saving children from death if it hadn’t been for the distraction. I kind of hate to be part of what James Wolcott calls a big public pile-on, but I have to admit thinking that the final outcome was pretty satisfying. I’m something of a free speech absolutist, but I also have some belief in the wisdom of the marketplace, and this was an example of it working rather well, I think.

» I was momentarily stupid enough to search for “Cho Seung-Hui” on Technorati, and I even more stupidly clicked through a link to some nitwit whose entry on the matter began with “Also, Michelle Malkin notes …” which should have warned me the same way a big orange sign with a skull and crossbones and pictures of a saw cutting into a hand and a giant man-baby running around in diapers as his head comes unhinged and his brain splashes out on the floor might.

I come back from that place telling you to not search for “Cho Seung-Hui” on Technorati. You will learn nothing except who was taking a nap when a friend called with news of the massacre, or who quickly closed all their open porn windows so masturbation could take a back seat to their urgent mission to stand up several dozen dead people and march them around like zombie poster-children for whatever cause has been eating that particular blogger alive.

I also return to note that random Malkinoids linking to their deranged Spider Queen have actually ceded the moral low-ground in this particular media moment. It’s firmly in the clutches of the moneygrubbers. I’d say “hat-tip to Snappy,” but the link goes to him anyhow, and probably “antibacterial handwash and a sympathetic look to Snappy” would be the more useful sentiment.

» Nerdmeyr: Purveyor of Cognitive Dissonance notes Alanis Morrisette’s cover of “My Humps”.

Pilot G2 Black Mini» I was very happy to find the Pilot G2 mini available in a four-pack of black at OfficeMax. Fred Meyer prefers to carry them in 4-packs of “traditional” office colors (red, green, black, blue) or in a 3-pack of pink, purple and turquoise. Same with Office Depot.

It’s a minor thing, but I felt like the world catered to me on some small level. Especially when I found the bin of singletons in all the available colors. One 4-pack of black, two individual reds, a shudder and hastily averted eyes where the turquoise and pink business was concerned.

I crave the minis because they fit well in my phone carrier, which keeps them out of my pockets (and, consequently, the washing machine). I have a 43Folders-endorsed bullet-sized Space Pen, a thing I took to carrying in army times, when keeping a coms log on a mountaintop during the Korean rainy season was not just a maybe-someday contingency I’d dreamed up to rationalize spending $22 on a pen. But it doesn’t stay with me very well, and Space Pens have some unfortunate globbing problems that offend my need to simply produce a pen and start writing.

Also, the barrel where you grip the pen is hatched in a way that’s just too fine and exposed-metal feeling — I get some sort of weird finger heebie-jeebies from the thing, and it makes my tongue press against the roof of my mouth from some metal taste I can’t quite explain. Curious. My old black metal full-sized Space Pen had great finger-feel, but I haven’t seen a version of that in a mini anywhere I could hold one and try it out.

» Know what I like about this blip format? Seamless transitions from mass shootings to meditations on office supplies. That’s what.


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    April 18th, 2007 at 1:05 am (#)

    ugh, i had that Alanis Morrisette cover in my head for a week! and then i made the mistake of listening to the original. “lovely lady lumps”? gaaaaahhhh!

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