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April 6th, 2007  |  Published in etc

» Right now Achewood is funny the same way “The Office” episode “Gay Witch Hunt” was funny. Start at that link and go forward as the cats unravel the mysteries of gay pr0n.

The Americanized “Office” has won me over, btw. Hated most of the first season, but now that it’s doing its own thing, I can dig it.

» Michael Bérubé has a point:

“I know very well that some atheists can get downright annoying in their insistence that they have have objectively demonstrated the nonexistence of God using simple algebra and a household magnifying glass. Fine. I grant these things. But I see no evidence whatsoever that ‘persons of faith’ are discouraged in any way from testifying to their faith in American political life, which is why complaints about Democrats’ indifference or hostility to religion strike me as so very disingenuous. These complaints can’t possibly be about hostility to religion in American politics, I think. And when they come from the left side of the spectrum, they can’t possibly be about trying to win over voters on the religious right. Nor do they seem to be centrally concerned about issues of war and peace — or even the minimum wage. Nor do I see religious progressives arguing for greater discrimination against gays and lesbians. So I’m left to wonder: is this conversation-stopping conversation all about abortion, in the end? Because when political liberals and moderates ask atheists like me to give even more weight to religious beliefs in the public square, I can hardly believe that they’re merely asking me to reply, ‘gee, I’m impressed — you have a really deep, sincere faith.'” (via)

» Holy Jeezum Crow, last night’s fight between Joe “Daddy” Stevenson and Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard was one of the reasons MMA can be simultaneously frustrating and a beauty to behold. I didn’t know Stevenson very well, but Guillard has had a way of combining ferocity and quickness to create stunning knockouts. He knocked one person out by punching them in the abdomen.

So I was thinking Guillard would use his speed and athleticism to keep the fight up, where he likes things, and that surely he’d neutralize Stevenson’s takedowns, which are the preamble for his superior ground game.

I thought something might be up in about the first five seconds of the fight, when Guillard came out with some sloppy punches that seemed less about connecting than maybe hoping they’d connect but really just wanting to back Stevenson down and initiate a real striking campaign. Stevenson wasn’t ruffled and he put Guillard down then closed in for a leg submission. Guillard slipped out of it, and Stevenson locked in a guillotine choke so tight and so perfect Guillard was tapping out by the 27 second mark of the first round.

Guillard was clearly devastated. I’m thinking it’ll be a useful learning experience for him. Either that or it’ll break his will when he realizes how hard the part of the game he’s been neglecting really is.

Frustrating because it was over just like that, beautiful to behold because it was a clear case of finesse, precision and grappling talent overcoming brute force.

The heavyweight match between Hardonk and McCully was a snooze. McCully was dull, Hardonk should have had an armbar submission but didn’t know how to cinch it in. The fight stayed on the ground. I guess the problem with a lot of heavyweights is their reliance either on big fists and kicks or overwhelming ground-and-pound. Not a lot of balance in most of them, which is why it’s a shame Frank Mir is in such a state of decline. Dynamic heavyweights are hard to come by.

Florian vs. Mishima was a pleasure to watch, mostly because Florian was so dominant and Mishima began pulling insane clown fighting technique moves, like something I guess you could call the “Cartwheel of Death,” trying to break Florian’s flow. The drama of that fight was all in the last minute, when Mishima locked in a knee bar that looked like it might break a bone and Florian toughed it out to reverse and get a rear naked choke. Pretty exciting. Watching Florian’s leg flex forward at the knee was cringe-inducing.

All in all, not a terrible night for free UFC.

Now on to UFC 69 on Saturday.


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