Oh dear.

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Jupitermedia’s Response to Recent Market Activity and Published News: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance:

[…] Jupitermedia confirms that it is currently in discussions with Getty Images, Inc. regarding a potential sale of the company to Getty Images in a cash transaction that would be valued at $9.60 per share.

[etc., etc.]

Getty Images’ proposed acquisition is also conditioned on the JupiterWeb business and related assets being sold to a third party concurrently with the consummation of the transaction. In this regard, Alan M. Meckler […] has indicated a willingness to acquire such assets at a price that Getty Images has indicated would be acceptable to it, in the event no third party bidder offers to purchase the JupiterWeb business and related assets at a higher price prior to the closing of the proposed acquisition of Jupitermedia by Getty Images.

In other words, yep, it looks like we’re on the block; and nope, it doesn’t look like Alan was looking to keep the part of the business I work for.

Since I know nothing about these things, I find it interesting that there’s so much verbiage about how Alan would buy us back if he absolutely had to. I guess I’d rather he weren’t trying to sell the division in the first place, but I’m glad there’s an apparent effort to keep my part of the company whole and running.

I guess we’ll just see what we see.


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