If You’re Going to Watch One Show on the UFC …

February 10th, 2007  |  Published in etc

… watch the retrospective on Royce Gracie on Spike Saturday night:

8pm ET / PT – Spike TV – UFC Unleashed – An entire episode dedicated to the legend who started it all, Royce Gracie. Six of Royce’s greatest Octagon bouts, all in one unforgettable hour.

I wasn’t so sure about mixed martial arts in general when I started following, but this particular episode of UFC Unleashed sealed my fascination. Gracie’s style is no longer at all dominant, having been replaced by fighters with more versatility, but the fights here are an awesome display of what a jiu jitsu practicioner can do against a variety of styles, from kick-boxers and kung fu experts to simple brawlers.

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