When In Doubt …

January 31st, 2007  |  Published in etc

… script!

The company’s got a new policy for passwords, and the company makes remote workers write in with requests for password changes due to some handwaving about not having the “bandwidth” to allow remote users to change their passwords via the VPN client. So I downloaded Mac Password Generator to handle the part about coming up with secure passwords.

It doesn’t have an Applescript dictionary, so you have to do UI scripting to get it to launch, set up the correct password type (mixed case, six characters, at least one number), generate the password and then copy the result to the clipboard, then it’s simple Applescript to generate the message in Mail.app and send off the password request plus bcc’ing an account to have a record.

Drop the resulting script in iCal, set it to go off every first Monday, and walk away.

Next up: fixing another Cisco VPN client annoyance with the magic of UI scripting, but we’re not documenting that.

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