Social Networking Double-fecta!

January 27th, 2007  |  Published in etc

“Double” means “times two.” So “double-fecta” means … uh … “two of something!”

My enthusiasm for Twitter was immediate, and it will break my heart if more people I know don’t sign up and use it and include me, pdxmph, on their friends list.

My other new enthusiasm is something that has the power to change my default browser, alter my blog-browsing habits FOREVAR and make me into a better netizen: coComment!


coComment keeps track of all the online conversations you’re following in one convenient place, and informs you whenever something is added to a conversation.

The Firefox extension is smashing. The Safari bookmark isn’t automatic and so isn’t as safe for me to use because I’m not that rememberful of things like that, even though they benefit me.

I’m always timid about leaving comments because I don’t want to forget I left the comment then leave a conversation hanging. It always bugs me when people do that on my blog, too. I can’t make other people come back and finish a conversation, but I can do better about doing that myself.

Does RSS feeds, so there’s not even pesky visiting of the relatively lean page to keep up.

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