Orcspace (Day 3)

January 11th, 2007  |  Published in etc


Sorenk had a satisfying day out in the lands prowled by the filthy razormane clans, but first he must provide his pinkskin readers with a tale.

When Sorenk was a little orcling shaman, weak and capable of little more than jumping sickly scorpids from the shadows and scrambling away, he learned of a particularly vile razormane named Flatsnout.

The flea-bitten thing, it was said, styled itself a “captain” and walked about in leprous hides festooned with bits of glass and rusty metals on the shoulders to denote its “rank” among its loathsome kind. When Sorenk learned of this puny thing strutting about, he was determined to bring it low … to blast it with the very energies of the earth then smash its head until it mewled through broken teeth and split lips, crying out for mercy in front of its weeping piglet kin.

So Sorenk went in search of it, and learned a painful lesson. For the beast-man was armed with a big axe, and it smashed Sorenk on the head with it, then pummeled Sorenk and laughed, calling out in its maggoty voice “Gar! Come back for more, little orcling, and I’ll feed you my axe and then tie you to a cactus and wait for you to shit it out! Then I’ll make you lick it clean!”

Many, many times did Sorenk go back, hoping to get his revenge on vile Flatsnout. And each time the coward wielded its giant axe and hid behind its squealing minions and sent Sorenk back to the pale lands to walk among the stinking dead before rejoining spirit to body.

Finally Sorenk lost his will to fight the creature … Sorenk moved on to other things. Sorenk learned to drink water from the slit bladder of the fleeting plainstrider and take sustenance from beetles plucked from the loamy dung of zevras. Sorenk learned the secrets of fire. And on the day Sorenk wandered back into the razormane lands and slew three of the scabby beasts, leaving them to twitch under the stinking coils of their own entrails, he knew it was time to revisit Flatsnout.

And so this morning Sorenk went to its camp and called it out. He blasted its guards with his magicks and burned its hounds with his totems. And when the thing came forth laughing “Gar! Back for more! Ye’ll lick my axe clean yet, orcling,” Sorenk burned it with more fire magicks and smashed it with his stave. Sorenk drug it to the ground and punched it with his bare fists. He bit it on the throat and tore its ears. He ripped it and stomped it until it flopped like a rag-doll. It flailed its axe about, and Sorenk felt his teeth crunch behind his lips when the axe caught him in the head. But in the end Sorenk stood over the beast-man and spat blood and tooth into its face. Sorenk laughed and laughed while it begged and squealed, snuffling blood and snot through its broken snout.

Then Sorenk leaned close and breathed into its ear, loudly enough to be heard over its pained panting …

“Welcome to the Social.”

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