Orcspace (Day 2)

January 9th, 2007  |  Published in etc


There are many things Sorenk likes. He likes the shrieks of the dying. He likes the taste of salty boar’s blood. He likes it when foolish weaklings try to flee the wrath of his elemental magicks. Sorenk likes many plants and flowers and he likes to make stinky potions from their squeezings to calm his nerves and fill him with unholy power.

Sorenk does not like the stink of peacebloom clogging his nose.

Sorenk has much peacebloom. Sorenk smashed many old boars and ground the bones of many quillboars to get the stink of peacebloom out of his nose, though their deaths profited him not.

Sorenk notes the Barrens are large, with many more weakling animals to crush.

Sorenk’s Mood: annoyed.gif annoyed

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