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Hey, all,

I’m working on an overview/review of Jive’s Wildfire Jabber software. If you’re willing to play with a Jabber server along with me, you’re welcome to set up an account and come visit. The server supports transports, so if you have AIM or Yahoo! accounts, you can even access them from within Jabber, and you can also talk to all your Google Talk buddies transparently.

If you’re interested:

  1. Get a Jabber client. Adium for OS X, gAIM for Linux, or Spark for either of those two or Windows. Don’t want to download anything? Fine. Try meebo for completely web-based IM.

  2. Drop an e-mail to pdxmph+jabber (at) gmail dot com and I’ll show you the address where you can register an account.

I’d like to see how the server works for J. Random Person, so all you need is a willingness to log in and chat for a bit. If I catch more than one person on the server at the same time, you may even have a chance to chat with completely random strangers in a Wildfire chat room!

I might choose to keep the server up (despite the availability of a free Jabber server from Dreamhost) because the plugin architecture is nice and the transports, which let you talk to other IM networks, are reworked for Wildfire and seem to work much better. Plus I’m disoriented and giddy over how easy it was to set up.

Anyhow … drop a line if you’re willing to play along.

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