Choices, Choices

January 10th, 2007  |  Published in etc

Dinesh D’Souza had a choice.

Long since faded from public view after a brief moment of strutting about the stage during the right’s initial assault on “political correctness” in the late ’80s, he had to do something to get back in the game.

I imagine it boiled down to two options:

  1. Dip a rabid stoat in pitch, set it afire, shove it up his ass, and parade naked through the streets of Georgetown in an Uncle Sam hat until an intern from the News Hour noticed him, wrapped him in a filthy blanket and warmed him in the balmy glow of the spotlights in that studio where it looks like it’s always 7:30 on a June evening near the Washington Monument.

  2. Write a book meant to have about the same effect, only with something more loathsome than a flaming stoat lodged up a human rectum to compel the hapless intern’s pity.

Either way, he reasoned, his name would be back out there.

Sounds like went with “2.”

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