O Tanenblur

December 16th, 2006  |  Published in pictures and photography

Attention SpanI was going to get Ben to sit in front of the Christmas tree so we could get a picture of him looking festive and pleased. This is what you get instead.

He was kinda worked up after a period of anxiety about the lights not working (“they need batteries, dad”) and not being allowed to handle certain ornaments (“it’s not fragile, mom, it’s not!“), so by the time I got the camera out and put it on its mini tripod he was in no mood for any of it and had taken to running in circles around the house.

At some point, when he’s feeling sort of sedate, we’ll bribe him with food and capture some image to commemorate the first Christmas he’s really aware of. For now, though, there’s the blur.

We also spent some time the evening we got the tree out at the Portland Speedway looking at the drive-thru Christmas lights. Probably the less said about that experience the better, but there will be pictures soon and I’ll try to be appropriately jolly.

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