People Being People

October 4th, 2006  |  Published in etc

I would like to hold this reddit thread on the best way to manage grocery store lines as the most civil, pleasant thing I’ve read today. For real.

There’s a brief outburst of idiocy premised on the idea that socialism not only results in but actually dictates inefficiency as part of its mission, but it’s sort of playful. As if on a day when the Republicans might be planning to “blame the Foley debacle on a cabal of gay staffers who hid and/or enabled Rep. Foley’s behavior for years” in a rancid mashup of homophobia and McCarthyism, everyone decided to pause for a moment and reflect on our shared experiences. Like standing in line at the grocery store.

Well, there was the one guy who said you can get out of a WalMart faster by acting like an “unbearable prick” and shouting, but he wasn’t actually shouting in the thread, just doing what internet people do, which is tell fantastical tales of things they’ve thought about doing as things they’ve done themselves. And that’s part of being human, too.

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