Icarus! Icarus! Mind Your Wings!

October 10th, 2006  |  Published in etc, old and busted

I’m back from the little private studio where the Kojo Nnamdi Show sent me to do this morning’s panel. It was a pretty interesting experience, if only because the whole setup they used to make it sound like I was sitting across a table from Corey Flintoff has a lot of blinking lights, and because “tell us what you had for breakfast” seems to be the standard “get his levels” question from people on either end of the link.

The interview itself? Eh. I was in there with a law professor and a professional spokesman, and they both know how to operate down in the deep end with a radio leviathan like Corey Flintoff. I, on the other hand, eventually decided to wait to be asked questions and tried not to pull a Nick Parks over niggling technical details that might have detracted from the main point, which is that you should never, ever try to seduce teenagers over IM in your workplace.

And I’ll admit to some residual heartbreak that I came home to find a mail explaining that the Lehrer News Hour won’t need me to be back in the studio this afternoon. Stupid North Koreans.

Update: How many times can one man say “Um?” in one hour. I better stay in print.

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