Decision ’06

October 2nd, 2006  |  Published in etc  |  1 Comment

What with the country descending into …

Nevermind. I was going to say something pithy to underscore my realization that there are far weightier matters, but this would be coming from the guy who posted that he rilly totally wants to ride in a sleeper car because the diagram looked kewl.

So anyhow, Decision ’06 as things come up for renewal/update:

  • .Mac: Had it for two years now, due to re-up in a month

  • BBEdit: Bumped to v8.5. Now includes live spell-check (the red squigglies), a cleaned up UI, saner/easier-to-cope-with snippets.

  • Yahoo! Mail Plus

I think .Mac and I are about to part ways. The alleged “benefits” of membership outside the stuff syncing are iffy. Not a lot of free stuff, I don’t use the Web space or mail. Time to get off my lazy ass and work out calendar syncing for myself.

Yahoo! Mail Plus is going to stay. Al loves her Yahoo account and won’t part with it. $20/yr. to spare her the irritating “Do You Yahoo!?” ads on every mail she sends out is pretty cheap, and Yahoo’s a big outfit so she’s safer when it comes to the bullshit big carriers inflict on the little guys.

BBEdit? Ugh. Why why why? BareBones wants $30 to upgrade to features that just come on TextMate and should have been there to begin with, IMHO. For instance, when I first bought my license, it didn’t occur to me that there wouldn’t be on-the-fly spellchecking. I’ve since learned that a lot of people find BareBones’ essential fustiness sort of enchanting and quaint.

But I’ve got the BBEdit 8.5 demo on my machine and two things are occurring to me: I don’t want to give up the on-the-fly spellcheck (which TextMate has), I don’t know what switching back to the version I have a license for will do to my glossaries and snippets, and BBEdit is the anchor of a bunch of scripts and workflows I’ve written in the past several years. So I don’t want to go back but I resent paying $30 to move forward. It bugs me that I’m getting hit up to pay for features like that spellcheck that are common as dirt.

And just as I’m wrestling with this Very Important Issue, along comes Ask Metafilter to throw me into crisis because, you know, Aquamacs is *free*, even though there’s some stuff in TextMate I completely crave, and the thought of refactoring my scripts and workflows to somehow make Aquamacs or any *macs work terrifies me.


  1. Rich Siegel says:

    October 7th, 2006 at 7:34 pm (#)

    With the hundred-and-sixty-odd things that were added or changed in 8.5, there’s probably something there that you’ll find worth your $30. At which point, Check Spelling As You Type is free. :-)

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