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September 11th, 2006  |  Published in etc  |  1 Comment

  1. Al: Happy birthday, Al! Nice party with a good mix of friends from several directions. I forgot to check who won the piece of cake where I discovered I’d started frosting too early, because I accidentally dug a big divot in the not-yet-firm top and had to spackle it with frosting. Someone got super lucky! It was a good party, though. It had the odd feature of both starting and mostly staying in the kitchen, which I wasn’t sure about at first, but then I thought some more and realized “No sitting around awkwardly in the living room until the work friends warm up to the other friends warm up to the other friends” thing. Just lots of people making drinks in the kitchen and no one getting upset when stuff got knocked over.

  2. Volvo: Sold to a nice young couple. Bye, Volvo. Sorry you had to sit for a year while I procrastinated. Glad you’re going somewhere to end your days in dignity. Glad you’re not on our goddamn insurance any longer. 1988 Volvo 240GL

  3. Awaiting word on the disposition of my iBook. We’re looking at either “Free repair, courtesy Apple” or a demand for $450. The intake tech at the Apple store was very … courteous … about the wisdom of spending $450 on a G3 iBook, and perhaps too agreeable when I muttered it’s really just for surfing and editing. “Sure, sure. Yeah … nice for that” he agreed. Nice for that and for watching Quicktime trailers at, like, 2 frames per second unless you download the tiny ones. But he didn’t say that because, you know, if Steve offers Quicktime on that particular Mac and wills that it be playable at full size, it’s because Steve intends for it to run in a way that will cause us to beam happily at both the Mac and Steve’s love for product that Just Works. At two frames per second.

  4. StarFox Command: O.k. I take back a little of the “this all feels like set-piece strategy” complaint. The game does tolerate some outside-the-boxness, to the extent I’ve played one scenario out several different ways and they all seem to work o.k. and allow for different combinations of arcade/flying action and resource utilization thinking. It’s a really fun game. I’ve always admired the look and the clean lines of the series on other Nintendo machines. It survives admirably on the DS and makes me look forward to the same sort of experience on the Wii with its special controller.

  5. Mall trip for a piece of Al’s present. Pleased to discover “Steamers” offers bao with something besides dead animal in the middle. Ate my bao, skimmed The Economist, dreamed of making my own bao with delicious vegetables in the middle. Anyone who watches any number of Shaw Bros. movies knows that kung fu dudes seem to derive much of their power from eating bao by the bamboo basket-full. “Steamers” as a restaurant name, though? Ew. Right up there with “Ploppers,” “Plunkers,” or “Coily Ones.”

And now it is late. Tomorrow I return to work after nine days off. Meh, and yet … ready to edit the fuck outa some shit.


  1. thp says:

    September 11th, 2006 at 7:07 pm (#)

    Starfox in N64 format: best. voices. ever.

    “thanks Fox, I thought they had me!”

    except for maybe MarioKart in N64, “I’ma-uh-Louigi. I’ma-uh-number-one!”

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