September 26th, 2006  |  Published in etc

I don’t know what sort of pre-election calculations are going on at Republican HQ right now, and not being a Republican, I don’t even want to guess. That’s their thing, and knowing what they’re up to doesn’t help me much, nor will it change my vote.

I just hope testimony like that quoted here will push President Bush into dropping his toxic “loyalty” to Rumsfeld and replacing him with someone who can actually manage the goddamn military.

A move like that might even be “good” for Republicans, to the extent Rummy would make an awesome goat they could all gank good and hard for the next few weeks, perhaps shifting blame away from their own numerous and disturbing shortcomings. A good, stiff housecleaning might help a few Republicans in tight races eke out the difference. Maybe Democrats wouldn’t do as well as I’d hoped.

But speaking as a former soldier who’s had the unpleasant experience of recognizing a name on the casualty list … knowing that someone I knew by name and stood with in formation is now dead … I’ll take Rummy being gone. I really will. It’ll be enough for me.

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