Time Heals All Sticks in the Ass

September 9th, 2006  |  Published in etc  |  1 Comment

PC World Today @ PC World Wablet Beefs Up Instant Messaging:

How many of us are using the same strangely named AIM account for business and personal communication? We’d rather not but it’s the most efficient solution right now. Wablet could change that.

I don’t get from the article how Wablet proposes to solve the essential problem of exhausting all the good names on the left side of the “@” sign, unless it’s because you can call yourself whatever you want provided the code points to a distinct identity that’s obscured from your correspondent. Anyhow …

Most people my age seem to be on the fence re: the funny names you get stuck with because you’re using a service with 40 million other users. Some have big sticks up their asses about it, some do not.

I would have a big stick up my ass about it, but with a name like “Michael Hall,” 4th and 26th most common names in the U.S. respectively, I’ve had to sort of wiggle the stick out and learn to love either my airport code or mixing any random noun with “yeti.” In fact, not being able to get my name or initials on a service is a useful bit of humbling information to have when I’m feeling hip like a life-long Wired subscriber.

I’d suspect younger folks, though, being born into a world where their elders have already hogged all the good names on most services, are acclimating pretty nicely to the idea that sometimes you’re you, and sometimes you’re dethknight3215.


  1. David says:

    November 15th, 2006 at 12:47 pm (#)

    Actually.. with Wablet the code does point to a distinct identity that is obscured from the user. And since you can place a chat widget on any web page you own.. that page can be used to identify or contact you.. Also the real point of the article wasn’t the silly name.. but the fact that you currently have to use the same identifier for different contexts. With Wablet you can create one persona for business, and one for social, then connect to people through those personas. for instance.. here is my business persona url..


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