The moonlight’s fair tonight along the Wabash

September 6th, 2006  |  Published in etc

IMG_2367.JPGWe’re back from a long weekend in Indiana. Evenings with pk & Cindy bracketing a campout in Shipshewana, where I don’t think I’ve been for at least 15 years. Kind of a tough event to blog because The Shipshewana Campout is a pretty large knot of stuff to talk about.

I guess the long and short is that I got to spend a few days with a group of people I’ve known for a pretty good lump of time … over half my life … and among whom I haven’t felt anything but comfortable for most of that time, barring early adjustments when I was a college freshman who knew they were the people I wanted to be around but wasn’t sure how to go about being around them.

During college, campouts up in Shipshewana were semiannual events, less about quiet communing with nature and more about carrying on some. There hasn’t been one for a while, but it looks like perhaps they’ll be annual now, which pleases me to no end. I went far too long without seeing a lot of those folks and it felt good to just be around them.

I’ve got a photoset up on flickr, and managed to roll some video from a treat Coty brought along for all the kids. And we got to mix old and new by seeing Kathleen and Amy up there, too. They set up a sort of impromptu PopTart distribution/gin tournament/soccer camp that went over pretty well.

IMG_2381.JPGAmy’s got the Blue Gate restaurant experience about right. Less a restaurant than a Tourist Processing Center, designed to pump ’em full of starch and carbs, then turn them back out onto the streets for a day of milling around, maybe capped off with a buggy ride before tottering back to the Blue Gate for more “Amish style cooking.”

On the return trip to Indy down Hwy 5, I was pretty well shocked by the volume of inbound traffic. It reminded me of Yellowstone bear jams except, you know, for Amish.

And that’s about what I’ve got for now.

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