September 14th, 2006  |  Published in etc

O.k. My day-old post on Dreamhost was pretty intemperate considering:

It’s actually not a matter of overloaded servers or anything like that, it’s all this very weird network problem that has had us and Cisco stumped. We’ve now completely replaced all the related physical networking gear and it’s still happening. Cisco support and network consultants have been unable to find any problems with our configuration or hardware and have no explanation as to why things are still behaving like they are. So we’re now upgrading the core routers to be 8 times more powerful.)

Dreamhost has been in the middle of a router replacement/swapout over the past few days, so the bumps should be treated with the patient generosity with which one treats a drunken friend who’s drying out, and not the angry impatience with which one might treat a drunken friend who refuses to dry out and slurs his apologies.

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