No Direction Home

September 26th, 2006  |  Published in etc

US is like doomed Mayans: Gibson:

Gibson, who endeared himself to many conservatives with his last film, The Passion of the Christ, set off speculation that he was courting the Hollywood establishment by aligning himself with the anti-war camp.

The conservative radio talk-show host and columnist Michael Medved told The New York Times: “If these anti-war comments are the beginning of an ill-considered, organised campaign to get back into the good graces of the Hollywood establishment that gave him the Oscar for Braveheart, so he can show he’s not different from them and march arm-in-arm with Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon, there will be a great deal of disgust from the people who have enjoyed Mel’s movies in the past.”

Someone tell Medved we don’t want him, either.

Plus, that HAS to have been a written statement. I tried to read it aloud and got winded.

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