Logic Squared

September 13th, 2006  |  Published in etc

So, it looks like the iBook is on its way back from repairs. Some history:

This is the same iBook that went in for a logic board replacement a few short months after I bought it. At the time, its logic board was one of a series Apple was recalling willy-nilly, but it was high in the sequence, which is to say “apparently toward the end of the bad production run.”

It manifested logic-board-esque problems a little while back but I didn’t act on them because I didn’t have AppleCare on it and figured the repairs would be on my dime. Someone suggested seeing if it fell under the expanded logic board replacement program, and it seemed to, so I took it in on Sunday. And lo … sure enough … the replacement logic board was one of a batch they determined to be defective at some point between this repair and the last, so it qualified for free out-of-warranty/no AppleCare repairs.

Anyhow … iBook ought to be o.k. and I can fly to NYC next week with a real computer and not the one the company inflicted on me, which means real work will get done between briefings.

Mood: Pretty pleased that I don’t have to cough up $450 to repair the machine on my own dime or contemplate buying a new MacBook before Al has a student i.d. in a few weeks. (Because she’s going back for her MSW, coz she rocks the social work like some kind of … social work rocking MC.)

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