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I wish Web designers who write the code to validate e-mail addresses in their forms would get over the fact that the “+” character is perfectly legitimate in an address. It is. Honest. And it beats the pants off the awkward “create an address that can’t use your base name or any other address we may already have in our millions of addresses” method you get from some of the big providers for creating throwaway addresses.

I’ve seen people arguing that less-than-trustworthy organizations are somehow savvy to the menace plussed addresses pose to their spammy ways. I think it’s more likely that the validation expressions web developers are using don’t allow for anything besides numerals and letters left of the @.


  1. dot unplanned » Ponyyyyyy!!11!! says:

    October 7th, 2006 at 11:14 am (#)

    […] So, this morning I got a mail from Avid. I demo’d their editing software some time ago and evidently gave up my address for the privilege. It wasn’t just any address, though, it was one of those plussed addresses I’ve been moping around about, which was very odd because, as I’ve moped, Dreamhost doesn’t support them even though they’re nice and everyone should. […]

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