Graduation Day

September 10th, 2006  |  Published in etc  |  1 Comment

As a wee followup:

We converted Ben’s crib into its special toddler bed configuration. No more fence on one side. He seemed pretty excited to try it out, but at the same time underwent his tucking-in with a certain graveness and dignity that was encouraging.

We’re not sure how much of our talk about “big boy beds” and his solemn responsibility to stay in his big boy bed until a natural, dawnish awakening time really sank in, but he was still in it two hours later, with none of the sort of rumpling and skewing that usually indicates a vigorous crib-jumping episode.

I guess the minus side is that there’s now room for him to get free and go bananas. There are several pluses, though:

  1. No more jerking awake because he’s awake but we have no idea how long he’s been that way because he finally just started yelling down the hall at us from his room. Makes the whole morning feel like you’re starting out behind. He can just help himself out in the morning now.

  2. It’s really cool to wake up to him when he’s pleased at having freed himself. He’s cheery because he hasn’t been sitting around getting bored and waiting to decide to start hollering to get out, you can tell him to go downstairs and await waffles, and everyone seems more chill that way.

  3. Death to the pack-n-play! Or at least semi-retirement until he’s got his bed-legs. I hate that thing. Might be too late to slip another camping trip in this season, considering a collection of engagements and travel coming up, but if we do manage one more, he’ll have a mattress of his own instead of us lugging along his portable containment facility. I figure a $0.15 zip-strip for the zipper on his side of the tent to keep him from getting out and roaming the wilds without having to walk over us first will take care of the one big anxiety involved there.

Update, Monday Morning: That went well. He stayed in his bed all night and didn’t show up until after 7 this morning. Next stop: Eliminating the binkies.


  1. brian says:

    September 11th, 2006 at 2:52 pm (#)

    when we made this switch about 7 months ago, we had a couple weeks of our daughter getting up and wandering into our room in the morning, and then she reverted to the calling for mommy or daddy to come in and get her. i’m optimistic for you!

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