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I’d been thinking Canon would, perhaps, kill the PowerShot G-series now that its DSLRs are closing in on the pricepoint a new G6 came out for. They released the G7 today, though.


  • ISO 1600 (swoon)

  • Digic III with some sort of “face-tracking” technology

  • 10 megapixels

  • image stabilization

And it still has the hotshoe and it’s still able to add some lens extensions.

What’s kind of interesting is the way the rear controls look more like what you’d find on the back of a Canon DSLR than any of the other PowerShots. The camera, overall, looks a lot more like “the last PowerShot you’d buy before going DSLR” than the rest of the PowerShot line.

The one glaring downside, I guess, is the optical zoom: 6x. The product page advertises “24x combined zoom,” but digital zoom causes heartbreak and early hair loss, so it could just as easily have a little badge that says “6x optical zoom with optional hairloss toggle.” On the other hand, since a “prosumer” is theoretically willing to buy a real flash, that same prosumer might be willing to buy a real lens attachment. Heck … I had one I’m just a ‘sumer.

Not a big fan of “stylish, retro design” being a “feature,” either, but that’s just me. CNET has dozens of laptop reviews where the first two grafs concern themselves with whether the machine will “turn heads” in the airport. And the latest Popular Photography has an article about how professional photographers refuse to buy cameras with features that started at the consumer end of product lines (IR remotes) because they don’t want to risk their gear looking amateurish. So “stylish, retro design,” taken as a codeword for, say, “looks like one of those cool, clunky old Leicas” is a marketing dogwhistle word for “confers old skool cred!” and “turn heads at the airport!”

Anyhow … seems like rather than unifying the best of the S3 line (mainly the kick-ass long zoom) with the more professional leanings of the G series (hotshoe, RAW), Canon’s keeping its assorted lines finely segregated. The same tradeoffs that went into assessing the G6 vs. the S2 are still largely in place and the essential feature delta has remained the same.

Somewhat related: a list of the most commonly used cameras on flickr, culled from EXIF data. My inner consumer herd animal is pleased that my S2 IS is sitting at number 7 and my future consumer herd animal self is equally glad several of his future “I’d go DSLR with that one” choices (the Nikons and Canon Rebels) figure prominently in the list.

The PowerShot G5, by the way, sits at number 90 (down from number 84 last week), and the G6 sits at 88 (up from 92).


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