BareBones Delivers the Coup

September 23rd, 2006  |  Published in etc  |  1 Comment

BareBones’ Rich Siegel on Mailsmith Talk:

Since we released 2.1.5, an enormous amount of work has gone into

Mailsmith. Much of that work is underneath the hood, toward supporting

new features and improving performance & stability. The version of

Mailsmith in which I am typing this message implements a great deal of

what has in the past been discussed on this list.

Most of the rework that we’ve completed was started with IMAP support

in mind. After several false starts on the whiteboard, however, we put

down the pens and carefully backed away. Despite our best desires and

intentions and efforts, Mailsmith is not going to support IMAP. (The

FAQ has been updated accordingly.)

Which means Mailsmith is going to remain a $99 POP client. Less if, like me, you had a working student i.d. card once upon a recent time, but it’s still a healthy chunk of change.

I’ve tried dropping IMAP from my mail workflow every now and then. It just doesn’t work for me to use POP. So Rich going ahead and breaking BareBones’ usual silence about pending features to lay the notion that IMAP will ever appear in Mailsmith to definitive rest is a real relief. Something I can check off the “software to look in on” list.

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  1. jbm says:

    September 25th, 2006 at 9:03 am (#)

    I read the thread and they sound pretty tepid about the product overall. Rich’s reluctance to implement IMAP in the product now sounds like the codebase has become too complex to implement IMAP without total refactoring. Most of my email is done in gmail now anyway, so I no longer even care abut IMAP support in Mailsmith, except as an interesting oddity on BareBones’ part. For that matter, I can get all my editing done in a mix of emacs and TextMate now, TextMate to my mind having become a far superior editor to BBEdit, which I’ve always found overrated but now consider irrelevant. It’s certainly not worth the 30 bucks for a dot 5 upgrade.

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