So the bar is now set at “evil?”

August 13th, 2006  |  Published in etc  |  1 Comment

Whore No More | MetaFilter:

“I actually felt sick, just sick, about wasting so much studio money and being such a stinky, stinky junket whore.” Freelance writer Eric D. Snider took up an offer to attend Paramount Studios’ World Trade Center press junket, “being a whore just once to see what it was like.” After he spoke unkindly of the practice—taking issue with how studios trade luxurious treatment for positive media coverage—the studio had him blacklisted from all further Paramount screenings, and those of a few other studios.

It kind of bothers me that Snider can tell the story he tells and the response it elicits from a few commenters is “It’s not like the studio’s being evil or anything.”


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