So I Don’t Have To

August 22nd, 2006  |  Published in etc

Sadly No scours for unintended irony so I don’t have to, like this nugget from Michael Barone:

We have always had our covert enemies, but their numbers were few until the 1960s. But then the elite young men who declined to serve in the military during the Vietnam War set out to write a narrative in which they, rather than those who obeyed the call to duty, were the heroes.

Sort of provides an unintended corollary to the whole “the Internet’s full of people who’ll say just about anything if you look long enough” notion.

Only in this case it’s not some freak with animated flag gifs and midi background music talking about how the TimeCube hijacked an aircraft carrier and filled it with space lizards, it’s the editor of a major, so-called “mainstream” news magazine.

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