Simmering Down

August 1st, 2006  |  Published in etc

As noted over in Half Baked, Dreamhost is starting to talk about the horrible things that have happened to it in the past month. That makes the issues a little less unsettling, just because someone, at least, is admitting to some sort of incompetence mixed with bad luck. Yay them.

The pattern I discern, however, regarding my GMail woes is that nobody has any real idea what can cause the problems I was having outside of the usual superstitious chicken-bone waving you get whenever users cluster to discuss mysterious and arbitrary behavior on the interweb. And Google has learned it’s not to its benefit to actually explain, because the problem might or might not have something to do with usage patterns that indicate potential abuse, so why offer a roadmap of ways to avoid triggering a lockout by explaining what patterns are problematic?

In my case, I suspect it was a GMail dashboard widget running at the same time as the GMail notifier. One’s nice because you get a quick look at the subject lines, another’s nice because you have a persistent notifier. Combined, they aren’t nice because I’m guessing they anger the Google Gods, who smite you a good one then taunt you with invitations to chase your tail by sending mail they’ll never answer explaining the same thing the form they give you to fill out asks.

My own superstitious intuitions serve to make my Google mood a little less paranoid and angry by leavening the bad feelings with a childish and ignorant sense that maybe I can control the Google Gods by behaving in a circumscribed manner befitting any heathen sun worshiper, but also reminds me of the good common sense keeping a backup access method represents. It’s a free beta for god’s sake.


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