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August 21st, 2006  |  Published in etc

Republicans for Lieberman?:

With Republicans looking to make the race about Democrats’ record on national security and Lieberman emboldened by the recent foiled terror plot in London, will the general election boil down to that key issue, or will it also turn on a host of domestic issues on which Democrats say Bush has failed?

That graf wouldn’t parse as the product of an actual cognitive process if, I guess, I didn’t already know that the narrative we’re to accept is that:

a. Republicans hate terrorists, Democrats don’t.

b. Joe Lieberman also hates terrorists, and Democrats hate him for it.

c. The existence of a plot that might or might not have been particularly serious and/or well advanced validates Lieberman, because Democrats don’t believe there are terrorists and Joe Lieberman does; plus, the Democrats don’t hate terrorists and are on the record as being unwilling to foil their plots.

I would say “Yeah! Four more months of this!” but it’s really gonna be more like two more years, I guess, barring some chain of events the Larry Sabatos of the world have already fapped themselves into a creamy lather over.

And now … back to complaining about Tetris quitters, which is what I’ve decided I’m good at here.

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