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August 7th, 2006  |  Published in etc

Reduce launch times for AppleScript apps on Intel:

In Script Editor, if you save as Application, this will create a PowerPC-only application — it will launch on an Intel mac, but under Rosetta. However, if you save it as an Application Bundle instead, this will create a Universal binary.

So, I have this small collection of scripts that I use dozens of times a day. I’ve got Spark to tie them to keystrokes to smooth out launching and using them. I’ve watched in agony as I’ve launched one after there’s been some RAM churn and the app has bounced and bounced and bounced in the dock. I’ve thought to myself “wtf!? I know Applescript’s ‘slow,’ but this is stupid!”

Well, as the hint notes, that’s because they’re launching as emulated PPC apps. Kinda like if MS Office shipped with a batch file that ran in an 8088 emulator to load Excel each time you clicked its icon.

I just tried the linked tip out on two of the regular offenders and there’s a world of difference. The script launches, executes and disappears from the dock lickety-split. Wonderful.

It’ll be nice when Apple goes from merely having “completed the transition to Intel chips” to actually, you know, completing the transition to Intel chips.

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