Oh, I think they know their constituency.

August 10th, 2006  |  Published in etc

Analyst: Bully Doesn’t Impress:

According to Mr. Pachter, games typically fall into two categories. Games like GTA, fantasy titles like Warcraft, and shooters like Halo are escapist and even aspirational. Puzzle games like Tetris represent a second category, and are often referred to as casual games.

“I don’t see how Bully is aspirational for anyone but 14-year-olds,” said Mr. Pachter. “I don’t get how this is going to resonate with the [company’s] constituency.”

Hold it … you mean … this is a game about a 15-year-old who overcomes bullies with baseball bats and stinkbombs. And it’s being marketed to a demographic whose Woodstock moment involved huddling around the comments section of Slashdot guzzling large draughts of Jon Katz’ post-Columbine, geek victim narrative treacle?


I’m no analyst, but I think they’ve got their constituency down pat.

Update: I rest my case.

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