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August 23rd, 2006  |  Published in etc

AV Vendors Flip Over CU’s ‘Dummy Viruses’:

The antivirus community is crying foul over a consumer magazine’s tests of their products, which included creating 5,500 dummy viruses to see how well the AV programs handle the unknown.

This is kind of cute, the same way it’d be cute if the local witch doctor got mad because you showed that his special rabbit-guts-and-witchazel poultice didn’t actually chase away the evil spirits while curing strep throat.


“Creating new viruses for the purpose of testing and education is generally not considered a good idea – viruses can leak and cause real trouble,” said Igor Muttik of McAfee in his own blog.

Yes … tamper not in the spirit world, novices, lest you open a portal between this plane of existence and the next, endangering the harvest and angering the gods!

You would think CR had been playing with Ebola strains in a buffet line of the Bellagio Hotel, judging by the industry’s reaction.


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