August 6th, 2006  |  Published in etc

Camino bug 187720 just got pushed back from Camino 1.1 to Camino 1.2 That’s the bug that affects anyone who isn’t in control of their total Web stack to facilitate lazy password assignment.

Mike Pinkerton asks on the bug page “when did i say i wouldn’t fix this?” to which the only real answer is “You don’t have to say you won’t fix it if a.) you act like it isn’t much of a bug in the first place and b.) keep pushing it back.”

I don’t even know why I’m paying attention. If I were to quit using Firefox, I’d fall back to OmniWeb or Safari. I guess I retain an atavistic loyalty to Camino from back in the Chimera days … pre-Safari … because it was the only browser on the Mac I could really stand. Pre-Safari, pre-OmniWeb 5, pre-Firefox 1.5, that is. There are a ton of choices now.


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