July 16th, 2006  |  Published in etc

Upgraded the site to Movable Type 3.3 last night (and part of this morning).

Pros: Tags look cool, interface is a little nicer, sidebar management has matured, RSS feeds for the status logs (which is super nice)

Cons: Bunches of broken plugins (not SixApart’s fault, but still a con … it’s the ‘waiting for a universal binary version’ of the blogging world when a new MT comes out).

Also: Remember all that agonizing I did about paying just over two years ago? A little dishonesty on my part would have netted me two years of guilty conscience then a big feeling of relief as 6A said “Eh … freebies for everyone but the all-important enterprise audience, which will pay.” So “Meh.”

On the bright side, my paid license earned me the right to file a trouble ticket when I ran into trouble last night.

In the open source world, a trouble ticket is called a “bug report,” but it carries with it an onus to report an actual bug … not thoughtfully written documentation of your own stupidity. So I filed a trouble ticket, went out and figured out the problem on my own, then woke up to a response offering some help. The turnaround was very quick, and I appreciated that.

At the same time, you know … 6A has gone ahead and completed the transformation. There’s not a lot of carrying on about it, because they figured out that just giving the product away for free will handle 95% of any objections to anything “going corporate.”

Free beer tastes super good.

So what else in this vein?

Oh … I started a WordPress installation over on a super-secret location I won’t reveal yet, except to note that it came about from a strange dream, the retelling of which will contain but a single hint.

I dreamed that I was dating Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She’d just gotten done finishing off The First, and all the Potentials had been … potentiafied. We were hanging around the Buffy house, there was a D&D game going on in the background (hint hint) and Buffy was sort of coming down from winning and coming to grips with the fact that her specialness, only mildly undermined by Faith all these years, was sort of over. So she needed to get her head together and I was out because she didn’t need the distraction.

Pretty melancholy tone to the whole thing, except that I woke up with the thought in my head that, shit, I’d actually dated Buffy … so even if she ended up hooking up with some dick I’d still, you know … get to say I dated Buffy.

No idea where that came from. Haven’t watched any Buffy lately, haven’t particularly had Buffy on my mind.

On the other hand, Al’s been doing pretty well at work.

In the process of remembering that The First was called “The First,” I stumbled on Wikipedia’s entry on Caleb:

He is also argueably [sic] the most powerful villain in the Buffyverse, competing with Glory who killed over 20 swordsmen in less then [sic] a minute while holding on to Dawn and Jasmine who almost effortlessly bench pressed a car [sic sic siccity fucking sic].

Old Media trembles before the might of the Hive Mind, which has no use for your foolish Earth grammar.

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