Time for a Break

July 19th, 2006  |  Published in etc

As is the way around here, it’s time for me to take another break from the blog.

I’m really lucky to have friends who encourage me to think about creativity as a matter of chopping water and carrying wood, not dazzling epiphanies and grand slams.

Last time I said:

None of it is particularly dramatic, and isn’t meant that way. But if I’m anything, it’s a dabbler. I get ideas in my head about things that would be cool to try, and I start doing them, then I get bored, then I quit doing them, and they sit around undone and unfinished and they make me feel cramped and weighted down. So the best thing to do is set them aside for a while, see what seems like it’s really worth doing, and gradually disappear the rest.

I’m hoping to work on a few things while I’m not thinking about the blog (and a few other almost-projects) this time, including one-on-one correspondence and more structured reading. I started taking notes on a book on economics I recently picked up, and was chagrined and amazed to realize that, well, my memory for details within ideas isn’t what it used to be.

So, as with last time, you’ll probably be able to find me:

  • posting a few things here and there to flickr

  • on AIM and Jabber/gtalk (pdxmph)

  • whatever bookmarks I commit to del.icio.us

  • On NintendoDS. Grab my friend codes and mail me yours so I can add you to my list. Currently TetrisDS is the big time-sink, but I’ll do MarioKartDS and Metroid Prime Hunters if you promise not to headshoot me into a weeping puddle.

  • e-mail: pdxmph (at) gmail dot com

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