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gMail just clobbered access to my account for up to 24 hours. No idea why … just that they did it. I got a form to fill out, which I did. Glad I keep my mail on another server, too.

So, rats.

And, I guess, “forget moving there ever.”

If I hadn’t taken the sensible precaution of keeping a backup elsewhere, I’d be dead in the water.

Update: Minutes later, access is restored with no comment but a demand for more information on just what it is I’m up to when using their service. I went ahead and mailed in what they asked for with a request for information on why they did what they did, but I suspect that’ll be interpreted as mere cheek from a groundling.

Update Update: And now, several hours later, having gone over to gmail to forward it over to my existing account so I can get any mail I actually used the address for without dealing with the buttery smooth but treacherous Web interface, I’m locked out again. I haven’t even USED the site since they unlocked me. I don’t think I’m gonna bother with the form this time.


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