June 1st, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

Actually just “WebNoteHappy,” I guess. It’s a bookmark manager.

That’s a class of software I never cared much about: Most attempts were sort of clumsy and hard to fit into a workflow, and once del.icio.us came along it seemed much easier to just use that.

The neat things about WebNoteHappy are:

  1. It talks to del.icio.us, so you have a local cached version of all your bookmarks from there.

  2. You can publish new bookmarks to del.icio.us.

  3. There are handy system-wide shortcuts, so adding a new bookmark is just a shift-cmd-d away; and finding an old bookmark is just a shift-cmd-space away (and it thoughtfully plops the cursor into the search field)

  4. It thinks in tags, not in folders, just like del.icio.us.

It snugged into my workflow instantly: I see a lot of sites during the day that I want to come back for for work. I used to put them in my del.icio.us account tagged as “wtodo,” then retag them or delete them once I was done with them. WebNoteHappy makes it easier to keep them locally and discard them quickly without publishing to del.icio.us or dealing with editing my browser bookmarks, which is slightly more cumbersome. If I end up wanting to keep one for reference, it’s easy to retag it.

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