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Update: WebnoteHappy 1.2 removes the need for any fiddling with scripts or the like … Firefox support just works now, just as it does with Safari. Yay!

I dig WebNoteHappy but I don’t dig the way the shift-⌘-d keystroke for making new notes doesn’t work in Firefox. I mean … there’s always the nifty bookmarklet, but I don’t like having to release the keyboard, grab the mouse, and find the bookmarklet. It’s friction in a process I’d prefer be frictionless when I’m lining up a bunch of stuff from a long list of tabs for later reading.

Fortunately, I also dig Spark, so it was pretty easy to write a quick AppleScript that grabs the URL and name of the frontmost Firefox window, prompts for some tags, then makes a new webnote, then use Spark to tie that Applescript to shift-⌘-d, which the WebNoteHappy people thoughtfully fixed so the keystroke’s unreserved for apps that don’t talk to it natively.

Prettified script after the jump.

Open this script in a new Script Editor window.

tell application "System Events"

    if ((application processes whose (name is equal to "firefox-bin")) count) is greater than 0 then

        if (count of windows of application "Firefox") is greater than 0 then


            tell application "Firefox"

                set theUrl to «class curl» of window 1

                set theTitle to the name of window 1

                set theTags to the text returned of (display dialog "Tags:" default answer "")

            end tell




            return "Firefox is not running"

        end if


        return "Firefox is not running"

    end if

end tell

tell application "WebnoteHappy"


    make new webnote with properties {url:theUrl, title:theTitle, tags:theTags}


end tell


  1. dot unplanned » WebNoteHappier says:

    August 1st, 2006 at 11:27 pm (#)

    […] WebnoteHappy 1.2 with some improved del.icio.us support and real Firefox support is out, so WebNoteFoxy can go gently into that good night of duct-tape jobs eager for their own obsolescence. You get the full “tags, notes and sharing options” ride from the app with no hackery. Cool. […]

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