Revenge of the Boob Nazis

June 6th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

Step Apart from SixApart on 6/6/6

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It’d be really neat if Six Apart could screw up enough nerve to actually live its claimed values in defiance of people who can’t cope with the sight of a suckling infant. The whole thing has a whiff of over-cautious lawyers who’d prefer to not go through some sort of obscenity trial, or perhaps a timid preference to ride out the current “Oh noes! Predators on MySpace!11!!” hysteria the nightly news dunces are peddling at the moment.

Now, parental ideologues are among my very least favorite people on the planet. They combine the unpleasant stridency and zeal of Red Guards with a sort of prying, busybody instinct Disney live action movies have been imbuing curler-wearing frowses with since the ’50s. Because this isn’t the movies, there’s no way to catapult them ass-first into a rain barrel or cleverly hook their bathtubs up to a team of wild horses that drag them shrieking through the streets right in the middle of the big Hankinsville Fourth of July parade, curlers bobbling, face frozen in a mud-masque rictus of panic and humiliation.

Most parents worry, but the true believers in whatever “method” or “approach” who go around guilting other parents have figured out a way to externalize their worry into a dialectic they hope to test on people they mug in discussion boards or even in checkout lines.

Anyhow … self-identified “Boob Nazis” get very little initial sympathy from me.

But the mealy-mouthed “musn’t show a booby lest some nebulous conception we’ve got of uptight people with money we’d like given to us gets upset” approach Six Apart’s taken stinks.

That’s all I got.

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