No Idea About teh Snappy, Though

June 27th, 2006  |  Published in etc  |  2 Comments

Apple just pushed out 10.4.7, about which I’d have as much comment as I did 10.4.1-6, except for one thing: Something is better about the font rendering for some apps (like Firefox and Aquamacs) on my Macintel box. I’d read something about there being some issue or another that made Firefox look like hell, but there’s not a lot of complaining to do now … it looks much better. Like the anti-aliasing has actually become subpixel rendering, as it’s supposed to be. X11 looks better, too.

I hate this kind of change because I’ll spend a week wondering if I’m just hallucinating it the same way my G3 iBooks seemed so much more … responsive with each OS bump after Jaguar.

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