E-mail’s so much better than IM ‘coz it’s not all balkanized.

June 9th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted  |  2 Comments

gl. picked up on the increasingly woeful state of e-mail. I’ve had my own share of it, too. Stuff just disappears for a few days, then something changes and it’s o.k. again.

The Dreamhost status blog has a few entries (this one and this one that sort of underscore what a catastrophic free-fire zone we’re dealing with out there. Not to mention a third entry that reminds us there are also the plain old mistakes that screw things up.

Ask MeFi agrees. It’s just all hosed up.

Early last year I did a bit about a company pushing challenge/response anti-spam systems. They didn’t like my tilt, which is pretty traditionalist, and I ended up speaking to the company’s management. My take on it at the time was “I work in a time-sensitive business and I don’t want to miss stuff, which would happen because I get a lot of mail from people I don’t know who might not bother to do whatever thing they have to do to circumvent the c/r system.”

My certainty about that is fading.

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